Upon the death of my father…

My Father died this morning.

Pale, hardly breathing, unaware of my presence.

Because i wasn’t there.


When i held His hand last night,

As He slept,

Memories of half a lifetime flooded me.

Baseball. Glasses of scotch and leather belts.

Teachings and beatings, frequently confused.

Him Finding Religion, lost to me.

Half of His Lifetime. All of mine.


And now, a transition to the life beyond His.

my life. and yet, still His.

For i am his legacy. A tribute to

all that He was and nevermore shall be.


Perhaps, yet, i shall improve upon his life.

Leave behind children without the scars

That He so graciously gave me.


And Again.


But as i say goodbye,

i shall shed no tears for this man…

Perhaps that makes me the monster after all.

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