Update on NaNoWriMo – The Weight of the Universe

Finally over my strep throat and writing well again. (At least in terms of word count. 😉 )

I’m at 22,742 words for NaNoWriMo…on track to hit 50k on the 28th. The novel is called The Weight of the Universe. More info forthcoming.

But more importantly, I’m having fun!!!

Today I researched the following topics: M-Theory, quantum gravity, Roger Penrose, D-Branes, Katie Couric, and Justin Bieber!

I listened to my first-ever Justin Bieber song (and second)! It wasn’t bad…I liked the part where he stopped singing and Ludacris started rapping. The second one was fine, too, mostly because it had scenes from The Karate Kid and Jaden Smith rapped in the middle (again, the best part of the song).

Anyway, I’ll post the first chapter soon so I look forward to any feedback y’all’ve got. (I think double contractions should be allowed…that’s how people speak!)

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