The Color of Love

The Color of Love Cover Art
The Color of Love
“The Color of Love” is a novella about familial love overcoming the hatred and fear of color/religion/nationality that has caused mankind to kill each other since time immemorial.

It is available on Amazon’s Kindle platform for just 99¢ and can be read on a Kindle device, any computer, tablet devices and cell phones.

Here’s a link to the book. Below is the Amazon description:


Life is working out exactly according to plan for Nick Grey. He has a senior position at the firm, an expensive apartment in New York City, and a brand new Mercedes. Now the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place: his beautiful wife Katelyn has just become pregnant with their first child.

But Katelyn is worried. Every night she has the same dream of holding her newborn baby for the first time. She can see the baby’s body and arms and legs…but there is no face. She struggles harder to imagine what her baby will look like, but she just can’t see her own features reflected in her baby’s face.

She insists on having Dr. Adam Yehuda deliver their baby. Dr. Yehuda is an expert in the field of “genetic prenatal healthcare,” a new discipline that coaxes the unborn baby’s own stem cells to build a strong, healthy body.

When the baby finally arrives, Katelyn is overjoyed and relieved. The delivery goes smoothly and the little girl is perfectly healthy. She’s got ten fingers and toes, dark brown hair, and glowing black skin.

There’s only one problem…Nick and Katelyn are white.

Katelyn hardly seems to notice the difference; she can finally hold her baby and she does see traces of herself in her daughter’s eyes and upturned nose.

Nick, however, is terrified by the turn of events. It seems that his entire plan–his life–is shattering all around him. He churns through a series of emotions from disbelief to anger. He accuses Dr. Yehuda of stealing his real child. He accuses Katelyn of having an affair. Finally his anger turns to suspicion and he goes after the one variable left in his equation, Dr. Yehuda’s “genetic healthcare” plan.

And what he finds may change the face of humanity forever…

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