Guest Essay: How to Eliminate the Gun Control Controversy

Note: The following is a guest essay that I am posting here on behalf of the writer who goes by the pseudonym, “j.s.” Please feel free to comment directly to the story as j.s. will be reviewing any comments, suggestions, etc. If this is well-received, I may post additional essays that j.s. may provide.   –david


Proposal for Eliminating the Gun Control Controversy While Solving Other Societal and Financial Problems

by j.s.

In this essay, I offer a concrete, concise, and entirely feasible solution to several of the issues currently facing our country including gun control, financial instability, and prison overcrowding.

These are, to be sure, divisive issues that have plagued America (and other countries around the world) for years. There are valid concerns raised by both sides of the gun control issue and the main purpose of this editorial is to address the main concerns of those in favor of gun control and propose a method for eliminating their concerns.

By implementing the suggestions contained herein, we can eliminate the raging debates that are polarizing our nation and taking attention away from more pressing concerns. We can increase homeland security, lessen our current financial burdens, ensure that all citizens are contributing members of society, and improve the moral fiber of our great nation.
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