Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathetic Resonance is a suspense/thriller about a scientist who devotes his life to finding a cure for cancer based on the scientific principle of “sympathetic resonance.” (That’s what describes the process where opera singers shatter wine glasses.) He soon learns that terrorists have stolen his invention and modified it to destroy other things like buildings.

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Tristan Price had a wonderful life. He had a good job, a beautiful wife, and he had Lauren. She was the perfect daughter and she meant the entire world to him.

Then she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and Tristan had to suffer through first the horrifying treatment and then the one thing he had never thought he could survive: her inevitable death.

Tristan did survive the tragedy, however. He survived by focusing every ounce of his energy, every minute of every day to curing cancer. He was determined to make sure that no other father would ever have to go through what he had.

Now, after six long years of shutting out the world, he has finally done it. He has completed a machine that uses the principal of Sympathetic Resonance to destroy cancer cells within the body…without harming the healthy cells around them.

When his invention is finally ready to test, he sets it up with his research assistant, a lively, young college student who reminds him too much of Lauren. When they finally flip the switch, the laboratory starts shaking inexplicably, finally crashing down around them with devastating consequences.

Tristan soon learns that the building collapse was no accident as more attempts are made on his life. He soon discovers that he is the target of an ultra-nationalist, terror organization that not only wants him dead, but they want to use his invention to destroy buildings as part of a war against the American government.

Tristan suddenly realizes that in his overwhelming dedication to finding a way–any way–to cure the cancer he couldn’t save his daughter from, he never considered the other uses for his invention.
Now he’s in a race against time as the terrorists line up their next target–a group of children suffering through both cancer and chemotherapy–and against the shadow organization funding the terrorists, who have an agenda of their own.

He has to stop all of them and reclaim his invention for saving, rather than destroying, lives.

…and to keep the promise he made to his beloved Lauren.

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