New Kittens!

I mean, seriously…is there anything better in the entire world than kittens?

Their playful curiosity, unabashed enthusiasm, and overload of cuteness. What could possibly be better?

Yesterday, we stopped at the pet store to pick up a new fish for my son. We walked out of the store 2 hours later with a fish…and two new kittens. We’re still working out the names, but we’re closing in on them as a family. And this morning, when the black one stretched out across my chest and fell asleep for nearly an hour…everything else just sort of melted away. Thoughts of mowing the lawn and cleaning the house and my son bleeding out of his eye (that’s for a different post)…they all just sort of floated away. And for that hour, I couldn’t have been happier.

Here’s a pic of the newest additions to the family:


The kittens purr when I hold them and all is right with the world…

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