Great Comicon Kc

I was at Comicon in Kansas City this past weekend and it was great! By far the best con I’ve been at.

They moved to Bartle Hall with about twice as much space in order to alleviate the crowding they’ve experienced in past years in a smaller venue. It didn’t work. The place was absolutely packed. There was a line of several hundred people waiting to get in both days. The passage between booths were beyond crowded..they were quite claustrophobic at times. Which is a good thing!

I got a chance to talk to Wil Wheaton but missed George Takei . I even sold out of Sympathetic Resonance and actually made a few dollars (even after cost of show and quite a few free books given away).

But the best part of the weekend was definitely Sunday around noon. A very nice lady had come by on Saturday and bought a copy of my novella,

    The Color of Love

. She read half of it Saturday night and got up to read the rest Sunday morning. She came in Sunday and told me that she absolutely loved it” and she bought copies of the rest of my books. This is the sort of feedback that indie authors (and probably all authors) live for. (Thanks Mendi!)

Now hopefully she’ll convince about 2 million of her closest friends to each buy copies. 😉

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