Excellent Book – 14

I just finished 14 by Peter Clines and it was awesome! Definitely a rating of 5 d’s!

The book is about a hotel in Los Angeles that has some strange features. I’m not going to put any spoilers here, but suffice to say, I could not have guessed the details of the building. I had a general idea about where the story was going, but the details of getting there were excellent.

As for where it goes…it is pretty out there if you just consider it on the surface. Again, no spoilers, but Allan Grohe should definitely read it!  So if I just told you where the story goes, you might dismiss the book…but it is so masterfully built up, piece by piece, that it seems perfectly reasonable when you get there.

I really liked the characters (although I found the character hook ups to be strange…) and the pace was good. There were very few wordings/passages that drew me out of the story.

I am purchasing more Peter Clines books even as I type this.  🙂

Highly recommended!

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