Jess just finished editing _The Happiness Equation_ (formerly known as _The Happiness Plan_ and _The Implementation.) Special thanks also to those who read it and provided feedback: Robynn, Doug, Jen, Chuck, and Laura. Your feedback has been very helpful and supportive! Now I’m ready to finish it up, put a bow on it, and get […]

I just finished the first draft of The Weight of the Universe and I’m happy to say that I’m pleased with it. The ending, I think, turned out nicely and the entire thing flowed better than I expected the first draft does. (At least, I think it does…we’ll see what I think when I go […]

My latest novel, Sympathetic Resonance, is now available in both hard-copy and Kindle versions on Here are the links: Paperback Edition Kindle Edition This novel is a suspense/thriller with some sci-fi/technological elements. The story centers on Tristan Price, a scientist who lost his daughter to cancer. He dedicates his life to finding a cure […]

Finally over my strep throat and writing well again. (At least in terms of word count. 😉 ) I’m at 22,742 words for NaNoWriMo…on track to hit 50k on the 28th. The novel is called The Weight of the Universe. More info forthcoming. But more importantly, I’m having fun!!! Today I researched the following topics: […]