Upon the death of my father…

My Father died this morning. Pale, hardly breathing, unaware of my presence. Because i¬†wasn’t there.   When i held His hand last night, As He slept, Memories of half a lifetime flooded me. Baseball. Glasses of scotch and leather belts. Teachings and beatings, frequently confused. Him Finding Religion, lost to me. Half of His Lifetime. […]

Bleeding from the eyes…

So I’m not a huge horror movie fan but I don’t actively avoid them either. As such, I’ve seen a few zombie movies and some hack and slash gory movies in my time. You would think that the goal of these movies would be to prepare you for real life. You want to be ready […]

New Kittens!

I mean, seriously…is there anything better in the entire world than kittens? Their playful curiosity, unabashed enthusiasm, and overload of cuteness. What could possibly be better? Yesterday, we stopped at the pet store to pick up a new fish for my son. We walked out of the store 2 hours later with a fish…and two […]

ConX KC!

Had a great time at ConX this weekend in Kansas City. Met a lot of great people–vendors, celebrities, staff, and guests. I sold a few copies of my latest titles and gave out quite a few for review purposes and set up a future interview, so it was well worth the cost and time it […]

_Sympathetic Resonance_ has been published!

My latest novel, Sympathetic Resonance, is now available in both hard-copy and Kindle versions on Amazon.com. Here are the links: Paperback Edition Kindle Edition This novel is a suspense/thriller with some sci-fi/technological elements. The story centers on Tristan Price, a scientist who lost his daughter to cancer. He dedicates his life to finding a cure […]