Improving as a writer? Or getting worse? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Writing my latest novel, I hit 123k words this morning. My first thought was that I’m improving my skills as a writer since I have so much more to say now. My second thought is that my skills are declining as I can no longer say what I want in a succinct fashion.

To be fair, this novel is a new genre for me and a topic that is very close to my heart, so it makes sense that I’d have more to say. Unfortunately, that means that I will have a lot of text to cut…which will be more painful in this novel than any other I’ve written.

So am I evolving or devolving as a writer? I guess time…and publication will tell.


My Father died this morning. Pale, hardly breathing, unaware of my presence. Because i¬†wasn’t there.   When i held His hand last night, As He slept, Memories of half a lifetime flooded me. Baseball. Glasses of scotch and leather belts. Teachings and beatings, frequently confused. Him Finding Religion, lost to me. Half of His Lifetime. […]

I mean, seriously…is there anything better in the entire world than kittens? Their playful curiosity, unabashed enthusiasm, and overload of cuteness. What could possibly be better? Yesterday, we stopped at the pet store to pick up a new fish for my son. We walked out of the store 2 hours later with a fish…and two […]

Note: The following is a guest essay that I am posting here on behalf of the writer who goes by the pseudonym, “j.s.” Please feel free to comment directly to the story as j.s. will be reviewing any comments, suggestions, etc. If this is well-received, I may post additional essays that j.s. may provide.   –david   […]

Jess just finished editing _The Happiness Equation_ (formerly known as _The Happiness Plan_ and _The Implementation.) Special thanks also to those who read it and provided feedback: Robynn, Doug, Jen, Chuck, and Laura. Your feedback has been very helpful and supportive! Now I’m ready to finish it up, put a bow on it, and get […]

I just finished the first draft of The Weight of the Universe and I’m happy to say that I’m pleased with it. The ending, I think, turned out nicely and the entire thing flowed better than I expected the first draft does. (At least, I think it does…we’ll see what I think when I go […]