Two new titles are available!

Great news! Both The Weight of the Universe and The Happiness Equation are now available in both Kindle and Paperback formats!

It’s been a long road to get both of these completed, edited (thanks to Jess and everyone who read for me), cover art done (thanks Rachel!), formatted, packaged, finagled, jiggled, wrapped, and put to bed. But it’s soooo completely worth it as I am excited about the books. I think they have turned out great both in writing and publication.

Here’s some feedback from my advance readers…


The Weight of the Universe:

“LOVED IT!  Really. Great. Book.”

“…a great job explaining the science and keeping it interesting…”

“…always in awe of great story tellers…”

The Happiness Equation:

“Really good. Something really different, yet not too different.”

“I was impressed by the way the characters relationships were woven together.”

“Good read!”

I just finished the final text for The Happiness Equation (previously known as The Happiness Plan and The Implementation). Many thanks to all those that have helped me including Jessica, Robynn, Laura, Chuck, Doug, Jen, and Susan! I’m working to finish up the cover art and it will be ready to go to press!   […]