Planet Comicon!

I sold my books at Planet Comicon this past weekend and it was a great show! Fortunately, they doubled the amount of space for the show so the Saturday rush didn’t feel as claustrophobic as last year.

I met a bunch of cool people and new friends that I look forward to seeing again. (You know who you are!)

As a bonus, I got to talk to Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren from Lost Girl) a couple of times. She was quite friendly and put up with my silliness well. I did feel bad for her that she was placed next to Wil Wheaton’s table. He *always* has a super long line and she frequently didn’t since not as many peeps watch Lost Girl. I’m sure that my bothering her made up for it! ūüėČ

I’m already looking forward to next year.

I just finished the final text for The Happiness Equation (previously known as The Happiness Plan and The Implementation). Many thanks to all those that have helped me including Jessica, Robynn, Laura, Chuck, Doug, Jen, and Susan! I’m working to finish up the cover art and it will be ready to go to press!   […]

…since I posted, but the good news is that it’s because I’ve really been writing! I just finished the second draft of The Implementation and forwarded it of to my editor. (Note: This was previously¬†known as The Happiness Plan.)¬†Now we just have to see how much she demolishes it! It will be the second book […]

I finished the first draft for my new science fiction novel,¬†The Weight of the Universe, earlier this week and here, as promised, is the full prologue for the new novel. The novel is centered¬†around the idea of parallel universes created by each conscious decision and what happens when the multiverse–the big bubble that holds all […]

My latest novel, Sympathetic Resonance, is now available in both hard-copy and Kindle versions on Here are the links: Paperback Edition Kindle Edition This novel is a suspense/thriller with some sci-fi/technological elements. The story centers on Tristan Price, a scientist who lost his daughter to cancer. He dedicates his life to finding a cure […]

UPDATE – Sorry! Due to an issue with Amazon, I’ve had to temporarily remove the free version of The Color of Love. I’ll get it back up as soon as I can.   My novella, “The Color of Love” is now available for free on It’s a quick read about a white couple who […]

My latest¬†novella is now available on¬†for Kindle readers.”The Color of Love” is about a white couple who are surprised¬†to have a black baby. The father, Nick, believes that their doctor has genetically manipulated their baby in utero. In trying to untangle the mess that his life plan has become, he uncovers a much larger […]