Finally over my strep throat and writing well again. (At least in terms of word count. šŸ˜‰ ) I’m at 22,742 words for NaNoWriMo…on track to hit 50k on the 28th. The novel is called The Weight of the Universe. More info forthcoming. But more importantly, I’m having fun!!! Today I researched the following topics: […]

UPDATE – Sorry! Due to an issue with Amazon, I’ve had to temporarily remove the free version of The Color of Love. I’ll get it back up as soon as I can.   My novella, “The Color of Love” is now available for free on It’s a quick read about a white couple who […]

My latestĀ novella is now available on Amazon.comĀ for Kindle readers.”The Color of Love” is about a white couple who are surprisedĀ to have a black baby. The father, Nick, believes that their doctor has genetically manipulated their baby in utero. In trying to untangle the mess that his life plan has become, he uncovers a much larger […]

My latest short story has been published on It is a short-ish (<5,000 words) work about a man who learns that his two-year-old son can break down the barriers between this world and the next to talk to his dead wife. It’s just all in a day’s play for the little boy. šŸ™‚ Check […]