Latest book is ready for pre-readers!

Just yesterday, I released my latest novel, 2. 14. to my inner circle of pre-readers. I’m very excited about this book as it’s a new genre for me (Adult Literary Fiction) and several topics I’ve never addressed (abuse, mental disorders, multiple voices/personalities). It’s also a potentially disturbing book as it’s very vivid and direct. No punches pulled here. So I’m also terrified. But now it’s out there…no turning back now!

If any of you are interested in pre-reading for me, I’ll be opening it up to the extended circle soon and looking for more readers (preferably those who don’t know me and won’t try to read what they think they know of my life into the book!). Then it’s off to the editor and then to agents.

Since TOR Book 1 is currently in the agent query stage and is getting some good feedback…2018 should be a great year for writing!