_Sympathetic Resonance_ has been published!

My latest novel, Sympathetic Resonance, is now available in both hard-copy and Kindle versions on Amazon.com.

Here are the links:
Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

This novel is a suspense/thriller with some sci-fi/technological elements. The story centers on Tristan Price, a scientist who lost his daughter to cancer. He dedicates his life to finding a cure that is more humane than nearly as bad as the disease itself. After six years of isolation, he has finally developed a machine that uses the principle of Sympathetic Resonance (which allows an opera singer to shatter a wine glass) to destroy the cancerous cells while leaving the healthy cells in tact.

Unbeknownst to him, an ultranationalist, terrorist organization that stole a prototype of the machine has been working to retrofit it to destroy other things as well. Buildings, airplanes, and most anything else they can get their terrorist hands on.

Now its a race against time as Tristan tries to stop the terrorists, discover who has been providing them with money and information, and keep the promise that he made to his little girl on her death-bed.

This is a fast-paced novel with some technological elements and a solid story of humanity at its core.

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your comments and feedback!

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