It’s not fair having a penis when you get fat.

When a woman puts on a few pounds, her breasts grow too. This makes perfect medical sense as breasts are largely composed of fat tissue, so it’s a logical place for extra fat to gather as she gains weight. Many (perhaps most) men find larger breasts more appealing, so putting on extra weight can actually make a women more sexually desireable. (Although there’s definitely a point of diminishing returns…)

But if a guy puts on more weight, his sexual attractiveness does not increase since his penis stays the same depressing size it always has been? In fact, since most guys gain weight around the mid-section, the extra fat and stretched skin in such close proximity to his penis actually makes it look smaller. Why can’t us guys have some fat cells in our penises so that each pint of Ben and Jerry’s adds a bit of girth? (Again, there would be diminishing returns since a sumo wrestler would be so large he could never find a suitable mate…)

So to recap…women become more sexually desierable with a few extra pounds. Men, less so.

Hey Evolution, how is that fair exactly?

Planet Comicon!

I sold my books at Planet Comicon this past weekend and it was a great show! Fortunately, they doubled the amount of space for the show so the Saturday rush didn’t feel as claustrophobic as last year.

I met a bunch of cool people and new friends that I look forward to seeing again. (You know who you are!)

As a bonus, I got to talk to Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren from Lost Girl) a couple of times. She was quite friendly and put up with my silliness well. I did feel bad for her that she was placed next to Wil Wheaton’s table. He *always* has a super long line and she frequently didn’t since not as many peeps watch Lost Girl. I’m sure that my bothering her made up for it! ;-)

I’m already looking forward to next year.

Guest Essay: How to Eliminate the Gun Control Controversy

Note: The following is a guest essay that I am posting here on behalf of the writer who goes by the pseudonym, “j.s.” Please feel free to comment directly to the story as j.s. will be reviewing any comments, suggestions, etc. If this is well-received, I may post additional essays that j.s. may provide.   –david


Proposal for Eliminating the Gun Control Controversy While Solving Other Societal and Financial Problems

by j.s.

In this essay, I offer a concrete, concise, and entirely feasible solution to several of the issues currently facing our country including gun control, financial instability, and prison overcrowding.

These are, to be sure, divisive issues that have plagued America (and other countries around the world) for years. There are valid concerns raised by both sides of the gun control issue and the main purpose of this editorial is to address the main concerns of those in favor of gun control and propose a method for eliminating their concerns.

By implementing the suggestions contained herein, we can eliminate the raging debates that are polarizing our nation and taking attention away from more pressing concerns. We can increase homeland security, lessen our current financial burdens, ensure that all citizens are contributing members of society, and improve the moral fiber of our great nation.
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Great Comicon Kc

I was at Comicon in Kansas City this past weekend and it was great! By far the best con I’ve been at.

They moved to Bartle Hall with about twice as much space in order to alleviate the crowding they’ve experienced in past years in a smaller venue. It didn’t work. The place was absolutely packed. There was a line of several hundred people waiting to get in both days. The passage between booths were beyond crowded..they were quite claustrophobic at times. Which is a good thing!

I got a chance to talk to Wil Wheaton but missed George Takei . I even sold out of Sympathetic Resonance and actually made a few dollars (even after cost of show and quite a few free books given away).

But the best part of the weekend was definitely Sunday around noon. A very nice lady had come by on Saturday and bought a copy of my novella,

    The Color of Love

. She read half of it Saturday night and got up to read the rest Sunday morning. She came in Sunday and told me that she absolutely loved it” and she bought copies of the rest of my books. This is the sort of feedback that indie authors (and probably all authors) live for. (Thanks Mendi!)

Now hopefully she’ll convince about 2 million of her closest friends to each buy copies. ;-)

Review – Codex by Lev Grossman

Just finished listening to this from The purchase was on a whim. Description sounded interesting and I thought I’d get something like Lincoln Child or maybe Dean Koontz.

Instead, what I got was a very slow, meandering story that alway had lots of potential to explode into awesomeness at any point. The good news is that I listened to the end because I was always sure that the awesomeness was just around the corner. The bad news is…having finished the novel, I’m still waiting.

And the ending was so severely disappointing that I was confused how that could be the end.

The writing style was actually quite good in places. The characters were well-described and I identified with them. The detail of the environments was good and there were quite a few places where I said (frequently outloud), “What a great phrase!”

The good writing made the bad plot and lack of action that much more painful. I was expecting intermittant action scenes to keep the story moving along. I think the closest thing to an action scene is when the main character is confronted on the street by some rivals who also want the Codex. As soon as the main character realizes that the two men might actually be threatening him physically, his large friend just happens to show up on the sidewalk, looking imposing. And that’s where the section/chapter ends.

Unfortunately, the actual reading of the book added to the pain. The speaker was actually quite good throughout most of the book and affected the various characters’ voices well. But it was read in a British dialect so that words like “khaki” were pronounced “cocky.” This was very distracting to my stupid, American ears.

Sadly, I can’t give this book more than 2 d’s out of 5.

Excellent Book – 14

I just finished 14 by Peter Clines and it was awesome! Definitely a rating of 5 d’s!

The book is about a hotel in Los Angeles that has some strange features. I’m not going to put any spoilers here, but suffice to say, I could not have guessed the details of the building. I had a general idea about where the story was going, but the details of getting there were excellent.

As for where it goes…it is pretty out there if you just consider it on the surface. Again, no spoilers, but Allan Grohe should definitely read it!  So if I just told you where the story goes, you might dismiss the book…but it is so masterfully built up, piece by piece, that it seems perfectly reasonable when you get there.

I really liked the characters (although I found the character hook ups to be strange…) and the pace was good. There were very few wordings/passages that drew me out of the story.

I am purchasing more Peter Clines books even as I type this.  :-)

Highly recommended!

ConX KC!

Had a great time at ConX this weekend in Kansas City. Met a lot of great people–vendors, celebrities, staff, and guests.

I sold a few copies of my latest titles and gave out quite a few for review purposes and set up a future interview, so it was well worth the cost and time it took to attend.

I also made some great contacts including a publicist who I may be working with in the future. We’re already discussing a future con that might be a good fit for my work and other events. I’ll keep y’all posted.

I also got to chat with a borg (Patrick Barnitt), put my arm around Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), have dinner with Chekov (Walter Koenig), be mocked by Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, and called out by name by Erika Eleniak.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to more positive results from it in the coming weeks. So a big thanks to Drew and Michelle for putting it all together and hopefully we can do it again next year!

Two new titles are available!

Great news! Both The Weight of the Universe and The Happiness Equation are now available in both Kindle and Paperback formats!

It’s been a long road to get both of these completed, edited (thanks to Jess and everyone who read for me), cover art done (thanks Rachel!), formatted, packaged, finagled, jiggled, wrapped, and put to bed. But it’s soooo completely worth it as I am excited about the books. I think they have turned out great both in writing and publication.

Here’s some feedback from my advance readers…


The Weight of the Universe:

“LOVED IT!  Really. Great. Book.”

“…a great job explaining the science and keeping it interesting…”

“…always in awe of great story tellers…”

The Happiness Equation:

“Really good. Something really different, yet not too different.”

“I was impressed by the way the characters relationships were woven together.”

“Good read!”